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Product Range

When the time comes in your project plan to select the tiles for your renovation or new home construction you can turn to the experts at Abbey Ceramics. Our family business has specialised in wall and floor tiles for more than thirty-five years.

Our showroom is conveniently located in the heart of Osborne Park and this is the perfect place to seek advise about the right tile for your project. We have a commercial trade portfolio and a full display of international and locally manufactured products to suit residential installers and DIY-ers.

The Abbey Ceramic collection has tiles for indoor and outdoor applications. It is the tile's function and the installation requirements that will determine the suitable product category, tile group and finish. You can consider the styling and aesthetics of tile colour and texture only after committing to the correct tile to fit its purpose.

We have wall and floor tiles, mosaics and border tiles to compliment traditional, classic and modern architecture, your interior design aesthetics and surrounding landscape.

Establish Function Before Style Considerations

Starting with flooring, you have to think about is this floor going to experience, low or high traffic— an entrance, hallway, kitchen or living room. Will the floor be prone to moisture - bathrooms and a laundry rooms; will the tiles have to support a heated flooring system?

Most tiles are made from clay and fired in a kiln. So universally, every tile made from clay is a ceramic tile. However, subject to its intended purpose, ceramic tiles then break into two distinct groups:

Porcelain Ceramic Tiles

This category of tile is generally made from the dust pressed method which results in a dense, impervious, fine grained and smooth surface with sharply formed edges. Porcelain tiles offer:

  • Much lower water absorption as compared to non-porcelain tiles
  • Glazed porcelain tiles are much harder and therefore suitable for light traffic to heavy traffic areas.
  • Suitable for residential and light commercial applications
  • Full body porcelain tiles carry the colour and pattern through the entire thickness of the tile making this product a good fit for high traffic areas at home, office or industrial area.
  • Porcelain tile finishes come in matte, unglazed or high polish.

Non-Porcelain Ceramic Tiles

These ceramic tiles can be finished with a durable glaze that carries the colour choice and pattern. These tiles are used in walls and floors and from an installation perspective; they are much softer and easier to cut. Non-porcelain tiles are suitable for light to heavy traffic but they are prone to chipping and water absorption.

Rectified Tiles

After production, these are tiles that are ground and shaped to exact measurements for uniformity and consistency. Each tile is standardised to a specific dimension for easier installation.

Abbey Ceramics offers locally manufactured and internationally sourced contemporary floor and wall tiles, mosaics, borders and the accessories to complete a perfect installation. Get a free estimate and expert advice from the team or visit our showroom for a first hand view.

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